Yup hi readers. Welcome to my humble site. Nothing much about me was going to be share here but you guys going to know me well a bit at least. (Yup it was me in the picture, not as pretty as you guys but hey who cares). First of all, my full name is Nur Adlena Eliya Mazli. But Add is just more than enough. I am an August baby or to be specific Merdeka Baby. I am born on 31st August 1997. 40 years after Malaysia achieve Kemerdekaan. Was currently studying Diploma in Civil Engineering in UiTM Pulau Pinang. (Studying engineering was fun). I am an eldest in my siblings, I like travel, photos, scenery, foods and SLEEP. (I do sleep a LOT). 

I am using mixed language as i am in progress to improve my English ( yes i know my English sucks), so i'm sorry if it's bothering you guys. Creating this blog was not to be famous bloggers like Lyssa Faizureen , Hanis Zalikha, Maria Elena and others. This blog just to update my life story and what I think i want to write. So I hope you guys enjoy reading !

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