The Writer

Assalammualaikum warrahmatullah hiwabarakatu .

Hi readers. I am Nur Adlena Eliya binti Mazli. Friends do call me Ed and Adlena sometimes. I am born on 31st August and I love this date. Now save the date <3 Oh yeah this year is my last teen and I do enjoy it. I am now studying Diploma in Civil Engineering at UiTM Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang.

I am born in Kuala Lumpur and stay in Selangor, Darul Ehsan. I am an eldest in my siblings. And i am a role model of them. Ayah wants me to be their role model. So why not. I like travel, photo, scenery, foods, and sleep. ( I do sleep a lot)

I am using mixed language as i am in progress to improve my English ( yes i know my English sucks), so i'm sorry if it's bothering you guys. Creating this blog is not to be famous bloggers like Lyssa Faizureen , Hanis Zalikha, Maria Elena and others. This blog just to update my life story and what I think i want to write. So I hope you guys enjoy reading !

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