Thursday, 24 March 2016

Updated !

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Hi everyone, been missing so long now came back with new blog's link. Well, everything we did must have the reason(s) right ? So the reason of mine is because I don't want any of my university's mates found my blog. Hahaha funny right, yeah but yeah it is. Sebab nya, tak sukalah dorang tahu my story telling kat sini. because one of my classmates knew the link.I don't know how he founds out the links, but since he is scary so i make a decision to change it, so i hope he will not find it again lah.Hope so lah please. 

Okay, let's continue. So my final exam is about 4 days from now. Haaa. I don't know whether i am fully ready or not but i think yeah. Fuhh. Ketaq weh nak jawab exam, carrymarks satu subject pun belum keluaq, lagi ketaq. hahaha ohh well i'm half utara-ians now. So please. hahaha. okay so that's all, saja datang sini nak bersihkan sawang. kuikui. 

Assalammualaikum and bitaufiq wannajah everyone !

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