Sunday, 24 January 2016

Life ?

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Assalammualaikum Warrahmatullah Hiwabarakatu

Anneyeoung Haseyo . Sawadikaa .

This semester two life really drive me crazy. Sorry guys , left yah without any piece of news . Well actually , this semester kinda a tough one . I've a lot of assignment , business plan , group discussion , presentation and lots of more . And yeah , i'm really busy with those kind of things tho actually not really . By the way, this semester was a new life story ( had been two months act ) . 

What new thing i learnt along this half semester was , ignore what people are gonna say about you , live your own and enjoy . There are nothing to be stressed out as you actually got a lot of thing to be done . Fuh just can't believe i said that . Yeah i really mean it, people with judgmental view are sucks, so ignored them. They are disfunctional or other word they are bitch(es) . Ohyeah i just said it, who cares . Nah, i'm not going to take care others feeling anymore, i'm done . This time, i really done . 

So yeah, i'm done for today . Really sorry if my words were sucks . sorry from deepest heart . Love .

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