Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Semester Break !

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Assalammualaikum Warrahmatullah Hiwabarakatu

Olla Malaysia ! Semester break is began ! Wuhuuu . I'm not really excited actually . it just begin and i'm already bored enough . I don't know what to do on this sem break i have no idea . So currently my three days of sem break was used for sleep movie and eat and then repeated again till the end of this holiday . maybe .My parents are busy with their work and i guess this would be not a really great holiday but it is okay because i know they have their work so i am not going to make any sense of it . Just smile and just let this sem break to end . Was planning to going out with friends but financial blocked it out ouhh shittyy . hahaha . I'm not going to used my ptptn money even i still have a lot of it . hurm . So the end of the story this semester break would be great to stay at home . Watching movie and continue eating and sleep . Don't be surprise with how do i look in semester two . Okay ! hahaha . I'm gonna make it just happened . I don't care anymore . I miss my girls actually huhuhuhu . wanna make some fun with them right now huaaa . Wait , why i use fully english ????? hahaha . okaylah let be honest . This semester break , i promise myself to improve my vocab and also grammar as i am too too too weak in this parts . So why not we try ? Isn't it ? hahaha . Okay so that's all for today . I hope be seeing you guys again . Byyeeeeee . xoxo

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